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Hiring the right private investigators isn’t always easy. The hard part is finding the right one. It is important that you consider hiring a private investigator to avoid the unnecessary dangers which you risk putting yourself through when you try and do it yourself. You may end up making unnecessary mistakes which will end up working against you and your case. An ACES private investigator can ensure that the entire process is kept secret from start to finish. It is not as simple as people may think, not only do we have extensive hours of training and dedication we continually up date our employees with up to date investigative techniques. We hire the most professional people in our career field; we will cover all the specifics of your case and determine the type of investigation needed. We will be up front on costs and which service is needed for your particular case. We want you know exactly what you are paying for.

Our licensed private investigators are capable of answering all of your questions. With the state of the nation in its current state, many new obstacles and threats face people in all sorts of situations. You might be a head of a company, elected official, or just have personal concerns about you or your family’s personal safety. If there is a possibility you may be at personal risk, then you will benefit from hiring personal protection for you or your family. With ACES you can secure different arrangements for a bodyguard, depending on your needs or your situation. ACES you can hire us for a few hours or 24 hours a day. Our ACES investigators are trained in many forms of hand to hand defense from armed combat to include situations that might involve weapons. We will react to any threat that may arise. We are highly trained to not only protect you from possible threats, we can foresee potential threats and heading them off before they start. No situation is too big for ACES.


Aces is licensed, bonded, and insured. Our success rate is very high, and our work ethic is set even higher. We believe in getting you the information you need within the scope of your investigation. We are registered with several companies to ensure our quality of service is not only recognized, but our clients are happy with their services.

ACES is registered with the BBB

Our commitment to excellence is well above our peers, talk to of our investigators today about your case Contact Us


Trust in our Background and Training, each agent has multiple areas of disciplines. Each agent has an average of 15 + years in law enforcement, self defense, mixed martial arts, computer forensics, or military experience. We have the talent you need for your case.


Unlike many private investigators in San Antonio, our results are extremely successful. Each case is handled with the professionalism, discretion, and care.

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